A Framework for Digital Transformation

If you want to increase the pace of innovation and drive business performance, a framework for digital transformation could help. When you design, develop, and implement a high-performing digital ecosystem, you improve the availability of data-driven insights. By following a proven framework for digital transformation, you can develop the building blocks of a modern data […]

Why digital transformation is important for business

By now you would have heard a lot about digital transformation and may be wondering if it is another ‘buzz’ concept or something to take notice of. This article explores the potential benefits a digital transformation can offer to your organisation, its employees, customers and bottom line. How digital transformation can aid collaboration As roles […]

Digital transformation team – who to involve?

If you are considering a digital transformation, one of the first questions to ask is, who do I need to involve? More than 84% of digital transformations fail, and one of the key reasons is due to poor leadership. Selecting your executive digital transformation team is one of the biggest decisions and can make or […]

Managing a data warehouse migration

Managing a data warehouse migration can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. However, storing your data in a high-performing cloud data warehouse will provide your organisation with fast access to accurate data leading to improved decision-making capabilities. Data growth in recent years has been exponential – as has the breadth and depth of analysis […]