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Data Warehouse and Analytics

We work with mid-to-large scale organisations in an advisory and consulting capacity to improve current data warehousing standards, as well as access to advanced analytics. 

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Data Warehouse and Analytics

Businesses that wish to remain resilient and agile need to be able to make informed decisions, fast. At Minerva Partners, we work with mid-to-large scale organisations in both an advisory and consulting capacity to improve current data warehouse and analytics standards.

We are experienced in developing data strategies and roadmaps that are designed to scale and enable you to perform at the highest level. We will elevate the value of your data, by providing a “real-time” holistic view, across the business chain.

When it comes to creating an optimal data ecosystem we know what works and are experts having helped 100s of businesses leverage the best technology in Cloud Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Enterprise Performance Management.

Our ethos and number one focus is to deliver successful projects and outcomes for our customers. Our approach has been validated through our experience implementing projects and working alongside all business units, from Finance, to Sales, to HR and Operations. Our frameworks and technology deliver impressive outcomes and importantly drive solution adoption across the user base.

We are selective and choose to partner with technology providers who have the most robust and capable platforms in their field. These leading-edge cloud solutions will enable us to create a simplified system architecture that bridges silos and maximises value for your business. We will tackle the most complex business problems you face and deliver easy-to-use, tailored solutions for your organisation.

Advisory Services we offer:

  • Data and Analytics Strategy
    we will design an ecosystem architecture and roadmap that aligns with core business drivers and will allow you to focus on profitable growth and scalability.

  • Data Environment Health Check
    We will assess and review the current state of your data environment and architecture and make recommendations to reduce risk, improve availability, identify opportunities, and drive profitability.

  • Data Visualisation and BI
    We will advise on business intelligence and data visualisation tools, as well as champion standardisation and governance of the tool. 

Consulting Services we offer:

  • Data Platform, Data Lake, Data Warehouse Design and Implementation 
    We will learn your company’s strategic goals and outcomes and design a centralised solution that will support advanced analytical reporting, improved business intelligence, and smarter decision making.  
  • Data Lake, Data Warehouse Migration from On-Premise to Cloud 
    We will replan your data model and take a strategic approach to streamlining the migration of your data warehouse.  
  • Project Management 
    Our agile project management method ensures your project will be delivered on time and within budget. We focus on aligning your business, people and culture for successful project implementation and adoption.  
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