Minerva is the Top Partner of the Year in APAC for 2023!

Jedox and Minerva

Minerva is Australia’s leading Certified Jedox Partner and the only training partner in the region.
Jedox Partner

Minerva is a Certified Jedox partner & training provider with years of experience.

We have transformed the budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes of 100s of organisations so that they can use data-driven decisions to accelerate business performance.
We help teams to become collaborative, insight-driven, adaptable, and future-focused. We do this by providing the best-of-breed technology, access to advanced data & analytics, and enterprise performance management tools.

Jedox is an Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software relied upon by over 2,500 organisations in 140 countries. The solution is the chosen and trusted integrated planning platform for CFOs, Business Analysts, and Business Leaders. In today’s environment, advanced planning, predictive analytics, and dynamic reporting are critical to accelerating your business performance.

Why Choose us?
Why choose Jedox for your business transformation project?
Jedox provides your organisation with one source of truth. It gives you timely and accurate information on business performance helping you to align financial and operational plans to corporate strategic goals.
Eliminate operational silos and unify planning and reporting. Your teams can collaborate on one common platform, helping to boost their efficiency and accuracy.
Jedox gives you the tools to automate aspects of your financial planning and analytics process, giving the office of finance team the ability to focus their efforts on strategic plans and profitable growth.
Jedox’s powerful ETL tool can seamlessly integrate into any cloud platform, giving you access to improved connectivity and greater flexibility when it comes to building a modular data platform.
Jedox’s Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) capability means all users can gain access to business-focused multidimensional data. Analysts can explore real-time scenarios with speed and agility.

Jedox’s business intelligence tool allows your employees to easily analyse valuable business insights. As Jedox’s only certified training partner in Australia, Minerva Partners can help you can your team become self-sufficient.

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