FP&A professionals do not need to fear digital acceleration. In fact, digitisation will bring the opportunity for finance to develop their advanced skillset, reposition themselves within the organisation, and feel better about their work performance.


What the acceleration of digitisation means for FP&A professionals

The acceleration of digitisation is here and the office of finance can no longer afford to ignore transformation any longer. Those who do not have a transformation plan in place, risk falling behind their competition. Now more than ever, finance need to improve business agility and create an environment that fosters improved performance and productivity. […]

A Successful Cloud Data Warehouse Project – Part 2

A Successful Cloud Data Warehouse Project – Part 2 In part 1 of implementing a successful cloud data warehouse we looked at: evaluating your organisations appetite for change aligning data warehouse needs with strategic business goals, and determining the project scope. In part 2, we will explore the importance of future proofing your project and […]

Are data silos compounding your data visibility challenges and restricting you from providing valuable insights to your organisation?

In the age of information and technology, data silos are stopping organisations from making informed, data driven decisions. Organisations are collecting more data than ever before. If a data plan has not been established, the collection of vast amounts of data can become a burden as visibility of meaningful insights becomes clouded. Every day, we […]