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Enterprise Performance Management

We work with organisation who want to grow and streamline their operations. With the right tools you can improve the accuracy of your foecasting and planning, with speed & flexibility. 

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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

An Enterprise Performance Management tool is required by modern organisations who want to grow and optimise their operations. As your business matures and begins gathering more data, it is necessary to consider how you can scale your operations and improve the accuracy of your forecasting and planning, with speed and flexibility.

To create long-term value, you need an integrated business planning system which can link and provide insights into your processes, performance, and strategic and financial objectives.

At Minerva, we work with CFOs and business transformation specialists daily to help them turn their strategy into action. We have experience delivering 100s of projects that have helped businesses increase staff capacity, productivity, improve sales forecasts, workforce planning, reporting and performance management.

The solutions we offer support data-driven decision making, and empower FP&A teams, Sales, HR, Marketing and Operations with access to insights based on accurate, integrated data. Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) tool of choice, is the world-leading Jedox software solution. 

Our highly capable team of consultants and strategy specialists can help you elevate your EPM processes, so that you can become a technologically mature organisation. We take an agile approach to project management to ensure that outcomes are delivered on time and within budget.

Advisory Services we offer:

  • Enterprise Performance Management Strategy & Roadmap
    We will consider your business drivers, data sources, reporting requirements as well as future-proof functionality, delivering a comprehensive and concise roadmap.
  • Current FP&A Process Assessment
    Includes a full system and process review to identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency, as well as risk mitigation.
  • Enterprise Performance Management technology review
    We will review your current enterprise performance management system, review upgrade options, as well as migrations to cloud technology. Our review will determine the best way to move forward to elevate your results.

Consulting Services we offer:

  • EPM Technology Implementation
    We consider your entire technological eco-system, including current applications, source data, as well as target systems. Keeping your end-goal in mind, we will build and implement a seamless, integrated solution.
  • Project Management
    Our agile project management method ensures your project will be delivered on time and within budget. We focus on aligning your business, people and culture for successful project implementation and adoption.
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