Enterprise Performance Management

Minerva’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) helps you monitor, measure, and optimise your business’s financial and operational performance.

How it helps
A robust EPM strategy will facilitate an integrated view of your organisation’s performance.

By capturing both financial and non-financial data, you can measure how your organisation is performing against strategic goals. This insight helps you identify enhancement opportunities and informs resource allocation for projects aimed at elevating your organisation’s overall performance.

Our team of specialists can help you elevate your EPM processes so that you can become a technologically mature organisation. We take an agile approach to project management to ensure that outcomes are delivered on time and within budget.

At Minerva, we help CFOs and business transformation specialists turn their strategies into action. 

We have experience delivering 100s of projects that have helped businesses increase staff capacity and productivity, improve sales forecasts, workforce planning, reporting and performance management.

Our Expertise

The solutions we offer support data-driven decision-making, and empower FP&A teams, Sales, HR, Marketing and Operations with access to insights based on accurate, integrated data. We partner with leading EPM and BI tools to enable data driven insights and improved decision making across the organisation.

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