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Successful CXOs have one thing in common: a technology ecosystem that considers, data standards, system interactions, and a clear criterion for processing data.

A mature data architecture such as this will give you the power to optimise your organisation’s performance, profitability, and growth. However, creating a technology ecosystem that is seamlessly integrated and delivers on a company’s objectives is complex. Often, the requirements of a high-performing technology ecosystem go beyond the skillset available internally. It requires strategic experience and an objective viewpoint to ensure that the data strategy is aligned to the corporate roadmap. This is where a consultancy that specialises in business intelligence and digital transformation projects can help.

Minerva Partners has had exposure to 100s of data environments and through years of experience, we know what works best. We can work with you to create an agile data strategy, using technology solutions that cater for today’s needs, as well as the future.
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Our technology ecosystem partners

We are selective and choose to partner with  providers who have the most robust and capable platforms in their field. These leading-edge cloud solutions enable us to create a simplified system architecture that bridges silos and maximises value. We will tackle the most complex business problems you face and deliver easy-to-use, tailored solutions for your business. 


Snowflake is a cloud data platform. They help organisations mobilise their data to advance their performance.

Fivetran help stream data into your warehouse for advanced analytics. Fivetran will improve the accuracy of your data-driven decisions.


Power BI is an interactive visualisation and business intelligence tool that unifies data from multiple sources to create immersive dashboards and reports.

Jedox help organisations accelerate their planning forecasting, and reporting through automation and predictive analytics in one unified, simple to use solution.

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