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Can PowerBI be used for Planning?

on-demand webinar

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On-demand webinar

Power BI allows you to see past performance but it is not a planning tool and doesn’t have write back capability. 

Tools such as Power BI can help you unify disparate data sources, but when it comes to forecasting and improving business outcomes, you need something more advanced.

Without the right solution in place, you are missing out on optimising performance, profitability, and growth. To elevate your business performance, you need to move beyond a reactive operating model and be proactive. The only way you can achieve this is by gaining access to strategic, tactical, and operational data and predictive analytics.

There are only a handful of CFOs and Business Analysts that are taking advantage of this little-known secret to success. They are combining the power of a visual reporting tool with an enterprise performance management solution (EPM) to boost their decision-making capabilities and help their organisations grow.

In this on-demand webinar you will learn: 

  • How to correctly use Power BI and Jedox to advance your business intelligence toolset

  • How you can easily integrate Jedox EPM into your Microsoft Power BI environment

  • A general use-case on how combining both tools will create more powerful planning, reporting and analytics capabilities

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