Will Excel still be used for planning and reporting when it comes to the FP&A team of the future?

There is no denying that FP&A teams strongly rely on Excel and are comfortable operating in this environment for their planning and reporting processes. In fact, according to Gartner, for a large majority of organisations Excel continues to be at the core of their planning process.  Yet with much of the industry looking to digitise, will Excel still […]

Technology and successful digital transformation can only succeed when there is human transformation


How finance can ditch low-value, manual tasks, and elevate their value across the business

Finance teams are under increasing pressure from Boards and Management to provide greater analysis and scenario modelling to the business. Yet with low-value, manual tasks dominating the day-to-day lives of many FP&A professionals, finding time to work on performance enhancing activities can be difficult. CFOs need to take the reins and support this transition by […]

These 3 changes to the way you operate will help you improve forecasts, business resilience and drive profitability

The last 18 months in business has changed much of the way we work. Existing processes can no longer be relied upon as market conditions demand that we review our whole business, from operations, to customers, to products and channels to improve performance and discover new revenue opportunities. By incorporating these 3 changes into your […]