But one of the biggest benefits our clients experience from an enterprise-wide data warehouse, is its ability to tie data together in a uniformed way. The modern data warehouse gives you the capability to store integrated and centralised data, ready for mobilisation. This unification gives you a broader, strategic view of what can be achieved enterprise wide. By having multiple teams and business units working from one centralised solution, you give people the ability to track, manage and analyse information, as well as garner new insights.  

Data Quality

No topic on visibility can be covered properly without a discussion around data quality. The problem with siloed data, is that it does not make for ‘on-demand’ planning and decision making. When it comes to data, consistency, accuracy, and formatting need to be the priority as they allow for datasets to be processed and analysed. Many cloud data warehouse solutions simplify the process of data engineering, collecting, and transforming data so that it is ready to be analysed. 

Siloed data also poses several risks to your business in that it inhibits the use of that data. Often businesses complain that unauthorised copies of data are made, implicating the quality of the data. Having a single source of truth improves risk management and compliance, along with data security – enhancing the overall quality of your data.  

Accessibility & Usability 

If you want to provide your business with value, it comes down to giving people the ability to monitor and visualise data in a way that provides insight. 

Access to ‘real-time’ data is critical, as it gives viewers context to the data – allowing them to make informed decisions based on up-to-date, accurate results. Fast analytics and reporting, along with the ability to run multiple workloads concurrently means that you will elevate the value of data across the whole organisation.  

Solutions such as Snowflake’s Data Cloud can provide your enterprise with a single solution for all your structured and semi-structured data. Under its platform, you can have many workloads, including Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Sharing and Data applications.

Taking a close look at your current data storage solution is one of the first steps on creating more visibility into your data. It might seem daunting to migrate from your existing data warehouse, however, long term you benefit from refocusing data analysts’ energy towards value-adding activities and away from manual maintenance. 

If you are finding it difficult to get started, or are concerned about a data migration project, why not contact us at Minerva Partners?

We are a Management Consultancy that is laser focussed on business transformation, and we assist CFOs and business transformation specialists every day to improve their data management, budgeting, forecasting, and planning, allowing them more time to focus on business growth and strategy.  

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