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Data, analytics & performance management strategy

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What will I learn from the 6-part video series? 
"Digital Transformation" can feel like an overwhelming statement. This 6-part video series breaks it down into manageable foundations on how to design and deploy a high performing ecosystem that improves data, analytics and performance management. 
Video 1
Data, analytics & performance management strategy
This video focuses on how you can create a roadmap to maximise business value from data assets and technology investments. 
Video 2
Video 2 covers how to set, and identify business goals, and align results with your digital roadmap for greater project success and support. 
Video 3
Use Cases
Use cases looks at identifying and prioritising projects to create value for business users and customers. 
Video 4
Data Sources
Data is at the centre of every digital transformation project. This video examines how to leverage internal and external data sources for deeper analysis and insights. 
Video 5
This video explores how technology can streamline user-experience and produce happier, more productive employees. It centres on designing and deploying a high-performing modern digital ecosystem.
Video 6
This video focuses on people and processes and the need to embrace digital culture through empowerment, training and education. 
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