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As Vexpa’s Premier Partner, Minerva can help you start planning using the power of data science.

Vexpa Partner

Vexpa is your personal AI planning team. Trained on your data, it answers questions, provides recommendations and gives you new insights, helping you to create more accurate plans. 

Powered by Data Science, Vexpa is an AI planning tool created for FP&A. Vexpa’s superior technology and machine learning algorithms predict results that are highly accurate, informing critical business decisions. 

The on-demand Vexpa chatbot can guide you through the planning and reporting process, providing immediate data-driven recommendations. 

Vexpa helps you to communicate your plans to the rest of the business. With Vexpa you can create and generate visualisations and notebook-style reporting that communicate the story and insights behind the data. 

Vexpa continues to learn and improve over time as it is exposed to more data and feedback. Its learning algorithms can identify patterns and trends in your data that may not be apparent to humans – giving you the edge when it comes to planning. 

Why Choose us?

As a Vexpa Partner, Minerva can help you with all aspects implementing and generating the best insights from the AI/ML tool.

With Vexpa, you can reduce traditional implementation of a planning tool by 80-90%. Vexpa’s unique data ingestion feature automates the collection, processing and integration of data, expediting the deployment of data. In a few minutes, you can begin to harness Vexpa’s AI/ML capabilities to generate valuable insights and predictions. 

Some of Vexpa’s most common use cases, include: 

Security of your data is paramount, at Vexpa. Built on the snowflake data cloud, you can rest assured that your data is secure. 

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