Are you maximising the potential of Power bi in your organisation?

Minerva Partners are experts in the successful implementation and use of Power BI. We are offering all Minerva customers a FREE 90-minute Power BI strategy session, where we will do a deep-dive on your current state - as well as your future state scenario.

If you understand the importance and value of business intelligence tools but are struggling to maximise the potential of Power BI within your organisation, you are not alone.


Many CFOs and Business Intelligence specialists we work with find that a lack of strategy, governance, and infrastructure has diluted their enterprises’ trust and value in Power BI.


As Power BI has become more widely adopted, you may have noticed a de-centralisation of the solution overtime. You may be experiencing multiple cases of data replication, a general loss of the larger interests of the enterprise, duplication of staff effort, no decision-making being made from the reports provided, loss of control, lack of confidence in outputs, cases of misuse and little to no collaboration. If this sounds familiar, it is likely an indication that you are not getting ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes to your Power BI.


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So what does a successful Power BI use-case look like?


The companies achieving the most success from Power BI are those that have clearly defined Power BI creators, who provide actionable, business critical reports ready for end-users. These are the most common traits we see in successful implementation and use-case scenarios:


1.       Their organisation has championed standardisation and governance of Power BI

2.       They have carefully defined roles, including well trained creator/s and end-users

3.       They have built dashboards and reports based on KPIs and are working towards a common goal


To help you better understand where you are on the maturity curve, and whether you are getting the most from Power BI, we have put together a quick 5-minute health check that will let you know if it is time to review how your business is using Power BI.

Power BI Health Check


This 5-minute, no commitment health check will let you know whether you are getting maximum value from Power BI. Just answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the questions below to uncover the state of your implementation. 




If you answered 'No' to 5 or more of the questions above, you could benefit from our FREE 90-minute Power BI strategy session. We recommend you submit your results and select 'I'd like to claim my FREE session'.

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