90-Minute Data Diagnostic Workshop

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Accelerate your data strategy and build a business case that will identify risks and opportunities by starting with a 90 minute data diagnostic workshop

The 90-minute Data Diagnostic workshop has been created so that you can begin building the framework for your enterprise architecture. Once you understand the potential roadblocks, identify risks and opportunities, you will have the building blocks to accelerate your data strategy.

What will be workshopped during the 90-minute session?

  • An understanding of the existing technology architecture at a high level
  • A discussion of desired goals and use cases
  • Clarification of pain points

What will be delivered from the workshop?
A high-level report, including:

  • Modernising data architecture options
  • Accelerating innovation to achieve use cases
  • Validating strategy and roadmap

Other inclusions?

  • Ability to invite up to 3 x key business personnel from your team
  • Select a date and time that works for you
  • Presence of 2 x Managing Partners from Minerva to conduct and facilitate the workshop

Cost: $1,000 (+GST)

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Transforming your business strategy and achieving corporate goals relies on access to high-quality data. To obtain this data you need to be able to discover any issues and roadblocks that exist within your enterprise architecture. The data diagnostic workshop is step one in providing you with the basic ground-work from which you can identify potential risks and opportunities to improve your business performance and accelerate your data strategy.

The data diagnostic workshop has been specifically created for business leaders who are interested in how digital transformation can improve their business. In particular, this workshop will interest individuals who:

– Want to explore new ‘use cases’ but are unsure how to approach

– Want to build a business case for digital transformation

– Want to validate ideas and get access to best practice design

– Want to achieve the best results, with a limited budget

– Want to move their business up the maturity curve and take their analytics to the next level.

Many of our customers require us to sign an NDA before sharing information on their system and data architecture. We have NDAs available and are happy to sign before we commence discussions into your data architecture.

To maximise the value you take away from the 90-minute workshop we recommend you complete our quick Data Diagnostic prep form, prior to your workshop date. This is an easy form to complete, but it will give us an understanding of:

– Key stakeholders within your organisation

– Technology currently used by the business

– An idea of your main goal for undertaking the workshop

By completing this form, we can tailor the workshop to achieve your intended outcomes.

(Note: the Data Diagnostic prep-form will be emailed to you)

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