Learn the 6-Steps to a Successful Digital Transformation for the Office of Finance
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Attention: CFOs, Financial Controllers and FP&A Professionals: 2022 has the potential to be as disruptive as the previous two years. As a finance leader, you need to find innovative ways to create sustainable business growth and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. 
In 2022 finance need to work with cross-functional teams and support the execution of the business strategy. In particular, office of finance needs to consider how they can contribute towards data-driven decision-making.

Ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you have quick and easy access to strategic, tactical, and operational data?
2. Do you use this data to drive your organisation's decision-making?
3. Do you and your organisation trust the accuracy of the data and reports you're generating?
4. Do you have the technology and processes in place to quickly adapt to changing market conditions?

If you answered NO, to any of these questions, it is an indication that you need to work on your digital transformation strategy - or risk falling behind. 

Minerva has put together a FREE, 6-part video series for financial professionals who want to digitally transform their operations.

It is open to anyone who has an interest in increasing data maturity, watch the video below to learn more...
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Learn the 6 foundations that are required for a successful digital transformation.

This video series has been designed to learn at your own pace. 
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What will I learn from the 6-part video series? 
"Digital Transformation" can feel like an overwhelming statement. This 6-part video series breaks it down into manageable foundations on how to design and deploy a high performing ecosystem that improves data, analytics and performance management. 
Video 1
Data, analytics & performance management strategy
This video focuses on how you can create a roadmap to maximise business value from data assets and technology investments. 
Video 2
Video 2 covers how to set, and identify business goals, and align results with your digital roadmap for greater project success and support. 
Video 3
Use Cases
Use cases looks at identifying and prioritising projects to create value for business users and customers. 
Video 4
Data Sources
Data is at the centre of every digital transformation project. This video examines how to leverage internal and external data sources for deeper analysis and insights. 
Video 5
This video explores how technology can streamline user-experience and produce happier, more productive employees. It centres on designing and deploying a high-performing modern digital ecosystem.
Video 6
This video focuses on people and processes and the need to embrace digital culture through empowerment, training and education. 
What a current participant said about the video series: 
"The 6-part video series is the perfect introduction on what it takes to succeed in designing and deploying a high-performing digital ecosystem.

Since completing the video series I've been working better alongside our internal data and analytics team and together we've already made huge improvements to our decision-making capabilities. Data which was forever a problem is now accessible, accurate, and most importantly at the centre of everything that we do."
- Chief Financial Controller
Why you should consider a digital transformation for your finance team? 
Recent Global Executive Survey from Forbes Data shows the top benefits of digital transformations...

Improvement on Operational efficiency. 
More profitable than their less mature peers. 
More likely to achieve their business goals than their peers. 
Faster time to market with new service/product offerings. 
What results have Minerva's customers achieved after their digital transformation?
Forecasting Improvement
With our help, this FP&A team were able to improve their forecasting process by 60%.
Reduction in annual budgeting processing time
We helped a large mutli-national reduce their annual budgeting cycle time by 82%.
1 Day
Fast-tracked monthly reporting
Our technology and strategy helped this company reduce their month end reporting down from 7 days to 1 day. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How much experience do I need in digital transformation?
This series has been specifically created for anyone who has an interest in increasing data maturity.

The series introduces the best foundations for a successful digital transformation.

Wherever you are in the process; whether it be investigating the idea of a new data warehouse, or organising a complete roll-out this video will help.
What if I don't have much time?
We work with CFOs on a daily basis and understand the demands of their role. For this reason, we've created a video series that you can complete WHEN you want, WHERE you want.

Once you sign-up to the video series, you will receive a weekly email containing the video and supporting material. Your FREE access to this content will NOT expire. Meaning, you can review, or re-watch, whenever you want.  
Is this video series right for me? 
This video series has been created for:
- CFOs
- CTOs
- CIOs
- FP&A Managers
- Financial Controllers
- Business Intelligence Analysts
- Data and Analytics Specialists
- Enterprise Solutions and Architecture Specialists

Essentially, this video series has been designed for anyone who wants to learn how to use data to drive decision making within their organisation.
Can my colleagues attend?
Yes. If you would like to invite your colleague/s to attend, simply send them the link to this page!
About Minerva Partners
Minerva help FP&A teams design and deliver world leading reporting & planning solutions. We've worked with 100's of financial professionals to improve their performance through the implementation of a modern, digital ecosystem.

In particular, our strength lies in our ability to leverage integrated data to drive decision making and financial performance.  
Faced with market uncertainty, finance leaders need the capabilities and tools to boost their forecasting accuracy, and be able to adjust and adapt to changing conditions and priorities.

Combining our business and technical expertise our customers experience increased agility, data driven insights and supercharged growth. Our high performing, scalable and secure digital ecosystems lead to increased user satisfaction and improved business performance.

Lead your company through 2022 with Minerva Partners. 

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