Jedox 210 Specialist 
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Day 1 – Jedox 210 Specialist

This course is directed at new Jedox users, providing an overview of basic functionality and of how to read and write data.

Course Objectives

After this course students will be able to effectively analyse data and create planning models with Jedox. You learn these fundamental concepts:
  • Introduction to multidimensional models
  • Create reports and enter data
  • Knowledge of data management in table form (lists)
  • Knowledge of how to edit formulas (formula wizard, formula bar, F2 mode, structure of formulas)
  • Knowledge of how to deal with references (freeze with F4)
  • Knowledge of standard Excel formulas: SUM(), IF(), CONCATENATE(), and the name manager

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CPD compliant
This training is CPD compliant with both ICAA and CPA Australia providing you with 8 CPD hours per day.

General Information

Technical Requirements
To participate in the course, you need a computer with reliable internet access and a webcam.
We suggest having 2 monitors and a mouse (not a trackpad).
Participants will connect via Zoom with their webcam activated, this will allow interaction with the instructor, other participants and the ability to share screens for assistance.

Course Confirmation
We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the course due to technical or organizational reasons (e.g. falling short of the minimum number of participants). The decision on whether training will take place will be made a minimum of two weeks before the event. At that time we will contact you again and provide you with further information on the format and technical requirements.  Should we need to cancel or reschedule the event you will be offered a refund or credit.
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Jedox Specialist - 210 - Online 
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