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The installation of an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) modem and splitter in both the telephone exchange and on your premises converts a standard phone line into a permanent high-speed digital connection to the Internet.

This saves on dialup costs and having to tie up an entire phone line just for the internet connection. Because ADSL uses a different frequency over the standard phone line you can also talk or send and receive faxes while you are checking your email or browsing the internet.
All your Email will arrive instantly and there are no limits on the time you are connected, only the data that is received.

MinervaNET can supply you with all the hardware required to connect to ADSL as well as send a technician to your premisies to install your ADSL connection.

Although the ADSL service is ultra reliable, things do go wrong so thats why we will supply you with a free MinervaNET 56k dialup account in the event that your ADSL connection is offline. This means that will never be offline.