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This year marks the 33st Anniversary on which Repco Brabham won the coveted World Championship.


Sir Jack Brabham has a unique place in motor racing throughout the world, being both driver and constructor and using an engine that was designed and built within 12 months.
This was an incredible achievement as in 1966 Australia was light years away from the rest of the world.

Even more remarkable was that these engines, designed and built in Australia, won 2 World Championships in 1966 and 1967.
Many names were associated with Repco at this time, among them a designer called Phil Irving.
As usual with these things, the "forgotten people" were the ones doing the behind the scenes work of actually making the things work.

At the 25th Anniversary dinner "Sir Jack" remembered them well, as he strained to hear the gathered throng. He claimed that his hearing was damaged by the noisy lump that the RB workers had built. All that noise and clatter just behind the head was their responsibility!!

Personally the sound of a screaming V8 (8,000 RPM) was a thing of beauty, although I don't hear so good these days either.

What a waste of talent and ability that Repco chose to discontiue the project. Imagine what might have been if they had continued to develop the mighty RB range, and think of the international marketing impact that Repco and Australia would have made.

Perhaps even the Federal Government could have helped the export drive with some support in the same way that the French Government does through Renault. But in those days we rode on the sheeps back. A pretty slow way to go.

For information regarding the 35th reunion (2001) contact Don Halpin at:

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Some Information or stories or Pictures????

Surely there are many people out there with stories and information on the Repco Brabham story.

Some facts…

Frank Matich was a sight to behold in the SR5, with 600HP and untold tourque. He held the Sportscar Record at Calder for many years, and may well still hold it to this day after changes to the track.

Email Jim Phillips if you can provide more information.

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